Warsaw – the best city to explore Poland

Warsaw – the best city to explore Poland

Why is Warsaw the best city to explore Poland – Short history of Warsaw

Warsaw was established around the ninth century. The first legal document concerned establishing the city of Warsaw has been issued by Janusz I Elder. It was in 1413. Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula River in east-central Poland. Warsaw is the best city to explore Poland !

Warsaw before II World War

Before II World War, Warsaw – due to its architecture – was called Paris of the North. On the picture on the left, 5 star most famous Hotel Bristol. It was designed by Polish architect Władysław Marconi. Hotel Bristol was build in the years 1899-1900. The hotel was rebuilt after war and you can see it (below) the same beauty today.

Fot. Adrian Grycuk
Warsaw – the best city to explore Poland

The heart of pre-war Warsaw was Nowy Świat Street. It was the centre of social and cultural life. There were also shops with the latest European fashion trends.

The Invasion of Poland 1939

During the Second World War, 80% of Warsaw’s building was destroyed. 700 000 of the inhabitants of Warsaw were killed (more than total civilians deads due to War across Great Britain and USA together). The total value of Warsaw destruction during Second World War, was $ 45 billion ( value of $ in 1946).

Warsaw never gives up !

But Warsaw never gives up and Warsaw residents who survived rebuilt their city with the help of the whole nation. On the left Warsaw after War. Fot. Reginald Kenny/Bettmann/Corbis /Profimedia

Russian army left Warsaw just in 1989.

This is Warsaw now… You can see it… and you can feel atmosphere of the past…!!!

Panorama of Warsaw fot. Filip Kwiatkowski

Old town has been rebuilt according to the pre-war plans and it is pretty the same as was before Second World War. Fot. Maria Hędrzak

Next to the town is beautiful park named The Royal Łazienki Park. Łazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw, occupies 76 hectares of the city center. The park-and-palace complex lies in Warsaw’s central district. Fot. Bartek Pilarczyk

In Warsaw are over a hundred museums, many theatres and hot night live with events on the city river beach.

Warsaw – the best city to explore Poland

From Warsaw you can quickly get to polish Baltic Sea coast. Journey takes about 3h. There 478 miles of beautiful sandy beaches await you and temperature during summer time is often over 30 degrees of Celsius (in shadow). Accomodation prices start from around 2000 zł for two weeks for double room. Fot. https://www.hellomierzeja.pl

If you like skiing, you can go on winter to beautiful Polish Tatry Mountains. There is plenty of snow. You can spend wonderful active time in many stunning villages. The most popular village is Zakopane. Accommodation prices start from 2000zł-3000zł for double room per night. From Warsaw to Zakopane is 257 miles. Fot. Mgiganteus

If your passion is sailing, you can do it in Mazuria District. There are over 1000 lakes and about 100 miles sailing line across the largest lakes. Prices for yacht charter start from 300 zł per 24 h. Luxury yacht with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen you can get from 500 zł per 24 h. Mazuria is about 124 miles from Warsaw. Fot. https://podroze.radiozet.pl
fot. Shutterstock

Warsaw – the best city to explore Poland

To all above destinations you can get by train, by car or by bus. But I strongly recommend go by PKP trains. Each long distance PKP train has restaurant car named WARS with delicious Polish food. Warsaw is the beautiful city and relation to its location, it is the best city to explore Poland.

Extra pictures: Skitterphoto (Head picture), https://warsawtour.pl, https://www.gromada.pl, https://starawarszawa.pl/

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